Day 4: “izlet u istinu”, izlet, uistinu!

Tijela: Ne radim često sa grupom nepoznatih umjetnika u nepoznatom prostoru, na nepoznatom teritoriju, a razumljivom jeziku. I, možda, najviše zbog toga, tog potencijalnog susreta sa zanimljivim umovima u neisfoliranim tijelima, pristajem. To je pristanak na nepoznato, ali ponajprije, na saradnju. Biti pojedinac a raditi zajedno. Biti kreativac, a pristati raditi sa drugim, kao I … Continue reading

Questions / SingularPlural

Unlisted Q&A: Colin Lalonde

  Dancer Colin Lalonde answers a question sent by a donor from Unlisted’s USA Projects fundraiser: “What is the relationship between Canada and the United States? What are some perceptions of Americans? What perceptions do you think Americans might have about Canadians?” UNLISTED Q&A: Colin Lalonde from Yinzerspielen on Vimeo. “It’s almost that, because we’re so similar, … Continue reading


Hopping around the issue of private and public spaces

This morning I woke up at our curator Mo’s place (which is currently the makeshift hostel/camp for most Unlisted participants)  to the sound of our neighbour splitting wood in the back yard. A dog in the neighbouring flat, locked out and cross about it, was whining loudly at the door. The children in the school next door were shrieking relentlessly … Continue reading